Know About Handsel Monday

Handsel Monday The tradition of house on Monday is an

ancient one 200 years ago in parts of

Scotland northern England it was a more

important festival than Christmas or New

Year in the evening of the first Monday

after New Year the people of his whims

will make their way down to the whale

cave some said that the caves were a

gateway for fairy papers with say on a

watch and then then still away mortals

to the Otherworld others said that the

caves were worshiped by people long

since gone he left nothing but

my sterious symbols inscribed upon the

cave walls but for the people of his

dreams it was a place of pilgr image and

only was a small Lantern they ventured

into the depths of the sacred cave once

inside traditional homes were sung and

sounds readily Handsel Monday

the water from the real cave was said to

have curative powers to protect them

from our health and the coming year

everyone made sure to take a drink

before leading jeff’s or Hansel’s were

also exchanged between neighbors and

servants alike often one of the group

would swap away to the darker reaches of

the cave and inscribed their name on the

walls the walls of the whale Kiev have

since become a monument to the people

that make together all these years ago

for handsome money.

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